05/2022 Issue:


By: John Moore, MSc

 While 100% necessary, traditional pheromone monitoring methods take too much time. 

Far too much time goes by between pheromone program inspections. Damage to products and items is a constant occurrence as is the ever-increasing risk of sending insects to your customers. Also, far too much time is spent traveling to the site, walking around to each pheromone monitoring, and personally identifying and counting the insects in the traps.

Did you know that, on average, it takes a pest control professional 146 seconds to inspect two traditional pheromone traps? Did you also know that, on average, there are seventy-seven traditional pheromone monitors in the average sized food facility? Nearly 2 valuable hours are spent looking in traps and counting insects. Along with other pest control obligations, there is little time to identify why the insects are there and nearly no time left to solve the issue.

Technology has changed everything in the science of pheromone monitoring. SightTrap, is a device that will provide daily images, insect identification, and insect population counts allowing for the pest professional to do what they are paid to do, solve pest problems.

The old way of pheromone monitoring often only allows the professional to identify that there is a problem. With the SightTrap, the professional will know exactly when and where the problem is and can spend their time solving that problem.

With the data recorded, the SightTraps will start to predict when a potential increase in infestation will occur allowing for timely responses and prevention of outbreaks before they happen.

Login to Foresight IPM, which is the brain that powers SightTrap, or simply create the connection to your current pest control software to automatically upload your pheromone monitoring data. Receive alerts if thresholds are met. Create a plan of action before visiting your customer. Help reduce damage to products and damage to brands.

Getting better data faster, building predictability models with real time trending, and making your pest control professional’s time focused on reducing your risk, provides a higher value of brand protection. This is what you truly need right? Not just trap checking.