Safety First!

It’s on the back of our shirts and it’s in our culture. In everything from our routine pest management services to our advanced fumigation services, safety is always a priority at FSS, Inc.

We use, sell and calibrate monitoring equipment and offer a variety of other safety equipment. FSS, Inc. can train your staff, provide quantitative respiratory testing and maintain your confined space monitors in good working condition.

Our Programs

Our programs engage employees and customers from day 1. Our new hires are taught the basic principles and what to watch out for while at a client's facility. While our clients are guided step-by-step in how to properly prepare for a treatment event. FSS, Inc. maintains a document workflow that ensures we think of everything and are prepared in case of an emergency. It is important that our EMR remains low so that your confidence stays high that we will take care of your people, products, and facilities while trusted to our care.

How We Put Safety First?

Our Safety and Compliance Manager is responsible for ensuring compliance with 3rd party pre-qualification programs. We work to exceed client expectations by conducting extensive internal training including CPR and AED training. OSHA training, Product Stewardship training, Fit Testing for respiratory protection, LOTO, Aerial and Forklift training and many more. This training all goes to ensure that FSS, Inc. is able to offer consistent and safe services to our clients. That is our promise to you.