Our Core Focus

Producing safer products for our clients and consumers is our Core Focus. We have created a program that efficiently determines root cause. The art in pest management is finding that root cause, treating the problem appropriately and preventing it from reoccurring. 

Checking 100s of devices that never have a catch is not art.  It is not really pest management at all.  We allow technology to supply the unadulterated data and that guides our technicians where to look.  This is transformational to the industry, and we are leading the way with remote monitoring and our DynamicIPMTM program.

Every good program starts with a site assessment. The site assessment will help guide us on initial setup. If you are an audited food plant you will have different requirements than a grain handling facility. We customize the program to fit your needs. This is our custom DynamicIPMTM approach to solving the most challenging pest problems and maintaining the quality of your products, systems, facilities and people.  

This is new and change can be intimidating and take time. Our refined 3STM approach to transitioning you from analog to digital ensures a change in service provider does not include service interruptions or delays.

We're Here to Help!

We understand you are busy. You should not have to stress about your pest monitoring and pest management programs. And with FSS, Inc. you do not. We have multiple digital quality checks including scheduled site visits to ensure your service looks good, is maintaining connectivity and functioning properly. Our Administrative Staff ensures your documentation is always audit-ready, at your fingertips and service reports hit your inbox at the time and frequency that you can control.

If you have struggled with other service providers, have not taken a fresh look at a modern pest management program or are just ready to break free from the rat race, contact FSS, Inc. today. We pride ourselves in delivering safe, quality services with integrity.