Structural Fumigation

FSS, Inc. uses ProFume® for many structural fumigations today. ProFume® is a versatile fumigant that easily controls rodent infestations and helps protect seed packaging from damage. It penetrates to all spaces evenly controlling hidden infestations. ProFume® was adopted as a viable alternative to traditional methyl bromide fumigations in the seed, milling, food, and feed industries. FSS, Inc. performed many trials in development as well as performing the first commercial application following EPA's approval of the fumigant in 2004.

Tarpaulin and Trailer Fumigation

Semi-trailers and shipping containers make for great fumigation “chambers” for smaller quantities of infested items.  Fumigation can be expensive per cubic foot depending on several factors.  Minimizing the cubic footage (length x width x height) can help make fumigation an affordable way to salvage packaging materials and other commodities that otherwise would need to be discarded due to infestation.  This method of treating in a free-standing trailer ensures operations and personnel can remain safely and productively at work.  FSS will monitor for efficacy and ensure your goods are safe to receive back into your facility after treatment.

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Tarpaulin fumigations are not just for houses.  FSS can isolate equipment within a large space to directly target the infestation.  This eliminates a lot of space that may not need to be treated and effectively offers control in spaces where activity has been a recurring problem.  Plastic tarps of 4 mil thickness can adequately contain phosphine and sulfuryl fluoride in high enough concentrations for long enough time to achieve excellent control in the target space.

System Fumigation

Insects can appear in the oddest places.  The one place you definitely don’t want them is in your finished product systems.  In today’s large flour mills and food processing facilities, there are miles of transfer lines, switches, sifters and other processing equipment where insects can find refuge and cause significant problems.  These systems are often not sanitation friendly making it difficult to clean out an infestation.  Fumigants penetrate these systems very well making it an ideal solution for the situation.

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System fumigations are conducted by concentrating the fumigant in transfer and processing equipment where control is needed.  The remainder of the facility and surrounding areas can be treated accordingly.  They can also be fumigated at different rates to balance control and budget.  They can be fogged or treated using a residual.  It depends on the type of target pest and the situation.  FSS, Inc. relies heavily on assessment, communication, experience and comprehension of fumigation to guide clients to the outcome they desire. 

Commodity Fumigation

The ideal fumigant penetrates, kills the target organism and then aerates quickly. Fumigants also leave negligible traces of residue making them an ideal choice over liquid chemical applications for touch situations. FSS, Inc. uses several different types of phosphine products. Phosphine is the most widely used fumigant in the world and it is very well suited for bulk commodity storage applications and transport vehicles like shipping containers and trailers. Many commodities are vulnerable to pest infestation.

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Vulnerable food, feed and seeds can be ruined or contaminated by insects and rodent activity.  Only a fraction of your activity is able to be monitored through conventional pest monitoring processes.  The unrepresented 80% remains the most problematic threat to your customers, your products and your brand.  Many undetected harborage areas are discovered following a successful fumigation where fallout is reported and communicated as part of our thorough process.

Export Fumigation

Invasive species can wreak havoc on fragile ecosystems. FSS, Inc. provides exporters with a trouble-free experience that meets or exceeds the requirements for export from the U.S. to countries all over the world. With services at multiple sites throughout the Midwest, we offer a point of origin service that ensures your shipment is loaded directly onto the vessel with no additional port delays or drayage fees. FSS, Inc. treats logs, DDGS, ISPM-15 and is also approved for AU and NZ stink bug fumigation treatments at multiple sites and even have heated options for year-round service.

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