Export Fumigation Demand Continues to Rapidly Grow

October 7th, 2021:

As of writing this blog, according to www.MarineTraffic.com, there are a bunch of container ships waiting to unload at the port of LA/Long Beach (see pic or visit the site for up to date information on all kinds of ship activity throughout the world).  Currently, there are 73 vessels berthed in the Port of Long Beach, while 74 others are expected to arrive. A similar congestion is reported from the AIS data in the Los Angeles Port, which has 127 vessels inside the port, while 70 vessels are scheduled to arrive.  LA/Long Beach handles approximately 34% of all waterborne container shipments entering the US.

This abnormally high number of container ships waiting to be unloaded is at an all-time high and comes at a time when businesses are working to rebuild inventories diminished by Covid.  Not to mention we are just ahead of our holiday shopping season here is the US.  Side note:  If you think Black Friday is already crazy then you ain’t seen nothin’ yet.  This volume is expected to last well into 2022 and perhaps until this time next year.  The growth has largely been spurred on by stimulus money provided to consumers and businesses alike to help return the economy to healthy levels.  Many economists believe this will growth and pent up demand will likely continue for the next 5-6 quarters (15-18 months).

The heavy port traffic, congestion and confusion is cause for concern for exporters of US goods requiring fumigation.  These concerns along with availability of chassis, drivers and containers are causing some bottle necks further complicating the process of global logistics.  Ports seem less and less interested in pulling containers out of queue and sending them offsite for treatment.  This fact only increases the likelihood that your shipment may miss it’s scheduled fumigation treatment or worse yet end up on the ship without the proper credentials.  The expenses incurred for this infraction may reach into the tens of thousands of dollars with unhappy clients compounding the losses.

Enter FSS, Inc. with our inland fumigation services (pause for sigh of relief), where point of origin fumigation helps reduce those risks and keep expenses in line.  FSS, Inc. is based in Westfield, IN (Indianapolis) which is considered the “Crossroads of America”.  It’s true!  We put it on our signs welcoming all travelers along our interstate system (see illustration).  So, where better to get your shipment treated than in the fly-over states we have been serving for nearly 4 decades.  With offices throughout the Midwest, FSS, Inc. is well-positioned to provide year-round fumigation treatment solutions for Log Exporters, Shippers to Australia or New Zealand needing treatment for Brown Marmorated Stink Bug (BMSB) or if you are moving DDGS to Thailand or Vietnam. 

While we cannot help you with your early holiday shopping schedule, we can help ensure your export and import fumigation needs are met, compliant and without delay. Now that can make for a pretty good Christmas for us all!

Contact one of our local representatives for all of your export fumigation needs: 

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