January 2023 Issue:

By: John Moore, MSc

Current “best practice” pest control or IPM programs are based upon meeting a compliance need. All food based accounts are required to have some form of pest control program that meets certain requirements. Meeting these requirements means that you are compliant with standards, and it is assumed that your products and processes are safe for the consumer. This commoditized compliance based IPM program is sold on the time it takes to check all the mouse traps and other devices which represents about 80% of the technician’s total time, and cost. This standard accepted pest control program is seriously flawed. Remember, just because an IPM program may be compliant with an arbitrary third-party standard, does not mean that your product or processes are safe, and your brand is being protected. Current best practice IPM service models will not prevent pest issues. Will not resolve pest issues and is not based upon any understanding of your unique risks or scientific understanding of the pest. This current service model does nothing to protect your brand. It is not IPM or pest control. It is nothing more than a commoditized trap checking service.

This mis guided approach to IPM and food safety was the motivation for FSS to create the DynamicIPM service model. This service model was developed by realigning our purpose: “The only reason we are in your facility is to protect your brand and consumer safety by identifying and mitigating pest related risks to food safety and quality”. This innovative service model is based upon detailed assessment of your facility to identify risk, and level of risks that are unique to your facility, not some standard that is applied to all facilities. These detailed assessments are ongoing because your level of risk is always changing and your pest control program should be DYNAMIC and change to meet your needs as your level of risk changes, always with the focus of protecting your brand. Your pest control program should not look the same year after year because your operation and risk changes year after year.

This type of service model provides a pest control operator that is an engaged member of your food safety team while still meeting compliance needs.

DynamicIPM is what the food industry needs to remain profitable and responsible while providing products that customers value and trust.