Export Fumigation Post-Covid Surges

08/2021 Issue: Export Fumigation Post-Covid Surges

FSS, Inc. provides a variety of USDA compliant export fumigation services.  Watch our short BMSB treatment video here:  30 second BMSB video.  US export data shows a surge in agricultural products to most all top trading partners compared with the Pre-Covid figures.

If you have been to a store lately, you might have noticed items were missing or at a minimum in short supply.  If you have ordered an item, depending on the item, it may have taken longer than normal to receive.  We waited months to receive a new sofa for example.  Due to the global shutdown prompted by Covid-19 the flow of parts, equipment, commodities and products in and out of countries across the world disrupted the delicate supply of goods to trading partners across the globe.  Further complicating things was stimulus that helped jump start the economy again.  Not just that, it made it sizzle.  Demand quickly outpaced production capabilities.  As companies eased back into production, demand soared for all sorts of goods and services.  Companies found themselves looking for materials and labor to keep up and are still catching up today.

FSS, Inc. added staff and sites to accommodate for the increase in container fumigation requests.  With several inland sites, we are able to offer shippers with compliant treatments a point of origin for DDGS, Logs, ISPM-15 and BMSB.  These inland fumigations allow our clients to route the container in the most cost effective way and avoid the congested ports and expensive drayage fees.

For more information on our export fumigation services visit us at www.FSSZone.com.