Food Safety GMP Site Inspection Software / Service

FSS, Inc. has always thought it was important to record conditions that were conducive to insect and rodent activity.  It was always included in our pest management service and still is today. These were originally called “food safety observations” back then and they were recorded on paper. Today, FSS, Inc. is using VeriCuda to record GMP violations as a stand-alone software/service or both.

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This new web-based application is an excellent way to record, track and trend your GMP site inspection findings. FSS, Inc. can provide you with the software if you are a DIYer, provide the services for you or even split the responsibility and collaborate with you. This makes for a better program, provides you with a way to organize the process and gets another perspective on your food safety program as it applies to the implementation at the floor level. This affordable software solution will save you time and make you a more effective quality manager when it comes to food safety GMP compliance. Record it, follow up and close it out with FSS and Vericuda.

Fogging Services

While fogging is a cheaper alternative to fumigation, there are many differences. The effective use of liquid pesticide space applications (fogging) is not as simple as placing a fogger in the middle of your warehouse. We have years of experience in prescribing the correct chemical and application technique to meet your expectations.

FSS, Inc. can help you achieve better results through refining your process. FSS uses Bio-assays to validate our applications and to help improve the application process.

Silo Cleaning

FSS, Inc. performs silo cleanings as a service to help clients maintain a clean supply of flour. Completely emptying a flour silo allows for inspection and removal of clinging debris that can cause harborage opportunities for insects and mold accumulation over time.

Removal of headspace debris can help prevent unscheduled downtime. FSS frequently treats for microbial issues and or insects in conjunction with cleanings while the system is down. This preventative service is performed safely using proper confined space entry monitoring and fall protection.

Weed Management

Preventing weeds from growing around your facility will help reduce insect, rodent and other vertebrate pest pressure. FSS, Inc. uses select herbicides based on the situation and desired level of control. This includes long term pre-emergence control and maintenance applications to ensure season long control.

FSS, Inc. records all herbicide usage in our Customer Portal so you are compliant with all pesticide records.

Bird Management

FSS, Inc. provides a variety of exclusion and deterrent systems designed to help you manage our fine feathered friends. Some bird species just don’t get the hint, however. These pest birds can present a significant threat to human health. We have trained technicians who know how to install netting and spikes so birds will find your newly decorated space inhabitable. Birds can cause significant damage from feeding, nesting, and defecating around your facility.

We will conduct a thorough analysis which may include a 3D scan of your site to properly assess the bird activity and prescribe solutions.  Birds are very challenging and often require a combination of control, exclusion and sanitation methods.  The one constant is that no two bird issues are the same.  FSS, Inc. will work with you, your budget and your processes to derive the best possible solution given your unique situation.

Monitor Sales & Calibration

As fumigators, we use many types of monitoring devices. In the simple form, monitoring must be performed while the space or commodity is “under gas” during the exposure phase. This is a label requirement and ensures the gas is present in high enough concentration to kill the target organism. Monitoring must also be conducted to ensure safety. FSS, Inc. offers monitoring solutions for not just fumigation, but for confined space entry also. We also offer calibration and some repair services. We will help you stay safe by selecting the best monitor for your situation and will also help you stay in compliance with a routine calibration program.

Drager Monitor Calibrations

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